1. Parts of a Hookah

    Regardless of whether you’ve never been to a hookah bar or if you’re a hookah connoisseur, you’ve probably wondered what parts make up a hookah. What causes such thick, delicious smoke? Why do we put water in the base? Does the type of coal we choose make a difference? We at The Hookah Spot are here to answer your questions. In today’s post, we are going to share a break down of the variou…Read More

  2. Common Hookah Myths

    Smoking shisha with your friends may be one of your favorite pastimes, but you may be approaching it the wrong way. Have you heard any of these myths? We sure have, and we are here to tell you the truth. Don’t let these myths get in the way of your hookah smoking experience! Myth: Put the foil shiny side facing downward. Some people are passionate about putting the shiny side down in the foil, b…Read More

  3. Beginner’s Guide to Smoking Shisha

    Whether you’ve never been to a hookah bar before or you’re bringing a friend along who hasn’t, it’s important to know what to expect! We know many people get nervous before trying shisha for the first time, especially if you are going to a lounge where you suspect the regular clientele have been smoking it for years. The process is fairly straightforward, so here are some of our top tips t…Read More

  4. How to Blow Smoke Rings

    You’ve probably seen videos of people smoking hookah—or something similar—and doing some incredibly impressive smoke tricks. If you want to learn how to do these tricks, you aren’t alone! Today, we want to share our top tips for blowing smoke rings. Keep in mind that nothing beats good, old-fashioned practice, but hopefully, our advice serves as a good start. Read on to learn more from the…Read More